How to Download PDF Magazines for Free

PDF Magazines

In our present age, digital magazines are gaining immense popularity and are used in nearly all aspects of life.  They exist in almost all subject areas such as education, religion, adverts, sport, and business. They are very helpful and give many ideas to people when carrying out their projects or when out to seek information thus; almost everybody uses digital magazines at any point in time and anywhere. Digital magazines are mostly found online, and its contents mainly in the form of PDF.

What are PDF Magazines (online Magazines)?

These are magazines which are published on the internet through public computer networks such as bulletin board systems and distributed worldwide via the World Wide Web. These magazines exist in every niche and more being put in place every day.

PDF magazines, also known as Portable Document Format magazines are mostly used today. PDF was created to give a complex visual design to magazines, pamphlet, document, etc. With the removal of the platform and accurate machine designing, control, and dependence over art and printing technique being the main objectives behind the use of PDF but not convenient for interactive online reading. These magazines can be made easily by using a page layout, word processors, and other programs. It’s used by software known as Adobe Acrobat.

PDF files with the help of development tools can be sent in fragments so that users can properly receive them without raising its simplicity and speed. Online reading on its own has become interactive because of this PDF files, and this is the significant advantages we all can benefit with these files.

Sites providing Online magazines

Many sites give and permit users to make use of online magazines. Some of this includes;

1. Issuu

This is the world’s leading digital discovery and publication platform for catalogues, magazines, newspapers and other publications.

•    Features

Issuu permits documents to be uploaded and published in no time. It allows you to form a personal library of favorites. Publications have to be uploaded in a particular format such as PDF, word document and many others. Analysis and control publications. It has an unlimited publication with any plan.

•    Why is it the leading digital publishing platform?

Easily and quickly uploads PDF files with an instant conversion of these files to online magazine or book.

issuu pdf magazine

2. Calameo

A French publishing platform that allows the free publication of documents or magazine creating an interactive publication and online catalogues in no time.

•    Features

It provides a new publishing method having a large variety of options which are easy to use. From PDF files, the creation of magazines, brochures, presentations etc. are made possible. This platform allows you access documents from a computer and reproduces it when needed at all times. Equally boost publications successes.

•    Why do people love it?

To access and store files on the internet at all times is easy via it and also enables documents to be converted to very nice publications and share them all over the world.

calameo pdf magazine

3. Yumpu

This is a digital platform for the publication of brochures, catalogues, or magazines.

•    Features

It has some specific aspects to itself, and they include;

– Free publication

– Web publication

– Publication of magazines

– Developer and mobile publication

•    Why people love Yumpu

It grabs the attention of new readers easily by communicating the messages from publications.

yumpu pdf magazine

Reasons why you download PDF magazines for free

In our present networking life, the easiest way of gaining quick knowledge is by reading books, magazines, and many other documents. This has shown its usefulness and led to increasing demand for electronic books making them popular. With this in mind, a lot of people have devoted their time and energy to obtain this knowledge or to help others acquire it by publishing magazines, books, documents for free via the internet.

A major problem is how to always have access to these documents at any point in time and anywhere causing people to come out with strategies on how to get permanent documents.  Many of these magazines are published online in PDF form and can freely be accessed and downloaded. It have been noted that many people go in for this free magazine due to the following reason;

•    Lack of money

Our economy today, only few people can pay for all the need to purchase and the majority being unable. The lack of money have become a barrier to progress in life especially when it restricts people from getting with they need including knowledge.

Before now, books or magazines were not published on the internet making it difficult to access information. To get information was a huge problem because you needed to buy the required books, magazines or had to pay for using someone or getting into a library. It is still applicable today and achieving this is difficult by some due to lack of money.

With the coming to light of the internet and web portal, many taught that the reading habit of people might drop, but the popularity of digital books and magazines has strongly rejected this concept. They provided a way to be able to access and publish books, documents and magazines for free at any point in time giving an opportunity to many writers and readers to exploit their skill with or without money.

Thanks to the internet which has made it possible for the availability of digital books and magazines for free download, it has attracted many people worldwide to go easily go through and get their best magazine without paying a dime.

•    Save time and money

Every one now our days can have access to almost everything freely and easily on the internet including favorite magazines. Downloading magazines and books in digital format are not only easy, but it equally saves money, time and space. With just a click, the internet permits you to get the digital edition of any magazine you want freely. Therefore, why spend a huge amount of money on payable magazines when you can have electronic copies for free? Nonetheless, you need to know how to download magazines online especially when you do not have any experience.


If you love reading magazines, books and carrying out research and have gotten into a whole e-book trend, then, there are chances you may be pondering and wondering how to download online magazines for free. In our world today, there is nothing better than free.

Many online magazines and books are not worth downloading, but still, many are more than worth the effort and time taken to download them. Many sites are out to make money by selling these reading materials to the public but, there many other sites having a large collection and are devoted to giving out it content to the public for free.

Why pay to read or download a PDF magazine when there are similarly content you can have for free? It makes no sense, isn’t it? You can save yourself some money by connecting yourself to a free and accessible site that can provide you with this.

The most commonly used tool to search and look for information is the internet and it is facilitated by making use of search engines and directories.

There are some steps you need to follow to have a good experience in downloading PDF magazines for free with the use of the following sites seen below.

  • Issuu

The first thing to do is to make sure you have a PDF reader before proceeding as follow;

Step 1: copy the link to the magazine that have to be downloaded from this site.

Step 2: go to and put the link of the magazine to be downloaded.

Step 3: click on the link representing the magazine. Depending on the setting of the PDF reader program and your browser, the PDF magazine downloads automatically and opens.

Step 4: A small toolbar would appear as you move the mouse cursor over the file. This toolbar is often located at the lower or upper right of the page.

Step 5: Once the toolbar is located, the will be an arrow pointing down indicating that you save the PDF file then you click on it. If this is not visible, search the browsers file menu, and a save page option will be shown then click on it. To save the file, you can equally right click on file then select save to download the magazine.

Step 6: A window appears, and you will need to specify the location you will want the PDF magazine to be stored or rename it if you want. This makes it easier to access it when needed.

Step 7: Click on OK or Save to download the PDF magazine.

These downloading procedures can apply to other sites like Calameo, and Yumpu with a slide difference in step 2 with them have their different downloading site ( and respectively.

Note that, PDF files are opened by some browsers without downloading them. If the Disk icon on the browser is not visible, instead look for a downloading option. A save option will appear once the magazine is downloaded. Magazines should be saved within the PDF reader program if the PDF file is already opened by the program. Adobe Reader, for example, has a computer Disk icon which is available in the toolbar located by the top of the window program. Click on the icon to save the file.

If the save option is still not visible, you can use CutePDF to try and print the PDF file thus creating a new file that can be saved and accessed easily.

Before downloading, you need to know the type of electronic reader you will need to use to view the magazine. This is because; some files, magazines, and documents are compatible to some specific software. If the file requires software you do not have, you can usually get it online for free.


The internet is the most commonly used tool to look for information which is facilitated with the use of directories and search engines. Turning on your computer get you started when researching a topic. Most of this information is stored, uploaded and downloaded freely in the form of PDF.

These PDF files are viewed on a vast collection of internet browsers and devices. However, the steps involved in saving these documents are not entirely the same. The above general guidelines will help you download PDF magazines on most sites and media type. These guides are some essential things you need to have known about downloading PDF magazines for free. Paying attention to terms and conditions is important or will be considered as spam.  When downloading files, your action should be legal else; you will have to pay the penalty for your actions will be considered a crime.

Why pay to read or download a PDF magazine when there are similarly content you can have for free?



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