How to access to the private content?

To access the private content, please follow these steps:

  1. Get a security key by entering your name and email at this page:
  2. Submit a security key into the private section for the first authentication factor.
  3. Get a passcode by complete any one of the offers displaying at this page:
  4. Submit a Passcode into the private section for the second authentication factor.

Once you complete these steps, the private section will be displayed. If you need any help getting tokens, just sent us a message to this email:

Importance note: We need you to complete an offer for security purposes and to verify you are a human. This process is designed for your protection and to maintain the quality and security of our service. The private content will be displayed as soon as you submit the right security key and passcode, usually within a few minutes. However, if the private section still cannot display after this period time, you may contact us directly:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why I have to submit security and passcode to access the private content?
Because we are providing premium content for free so that have many people use the automatic bot to accessing to our server and it was killing our server down. To protect it we added two-factor authentication into our service; it requires you to enter a valid security key and passcode to access the private content.

Why can I not see the security key in my email?
If you cannot see the email from “FileTipsBox” in your inbox, make sure to check your SPAM/JUNK folder. But if you still cannot see the security key, please recheck the email address that you provided to make sure it`s a valid email address.