How to access to the private content?

To access the private content, please follow these steps:

Get a security Code by entering your name and email at this page:

Submit a security code into the private section for the authentication factor. Once you complete these steps, the private section will be displayed. 

Why I have to submit security code to access the private content?
Because we are providing premium content for free so that have many people use the automatic bot to accessing to our server and it was killing our server down. To protect it we added authentication factor into our service; it requires you to enter a valid security code to access the private content.

How long will you get a security code?
After you’ve completed any one of the listed offers that was appeared, we will send you a security code within 3-5 minutes and at most within 12 hours.

Why do I have to wait up to 12 hours?
Usually, we will send a security code within 3-5 minutes after you submit your email and completed offer successfully, but sometimes it will take up to 12 hours. This is because we have to cross-check your action to make sure you’ve completed all these steps without leaving out any. We equally want to make sure you are not an automatic bot that is trying to steal our database. After we have found that you’ve completed all of these steps, we will send you a security code.

What should I do if I don’t receive a security code after 12 hours?
Our team will try to do the best, but sometimes we cannot deliver a security code in time. If you cannot get the access key after 2 hours, please, sent an email to us via email and we will reply you within 24 hours. Sometimes, you cannot receive a security code because you submitted a wrong email address, or you didn’t complete an offer. To ensure you didn’t forget any one of these steps, please, go through these steps carefully before sending an email to us.

How long will a security code last?
It will expire after 24 hours if you do not make use of it.

How will a security code get to my mailbox?
Usually, it gets to your inbox, but sometimes it will appear in the junk or spam folder. If so, go through all your mailbox to make sure you haven’t missed any.

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Copyright © 2019