How to download documents and read books from Scribd for free

The internet indeed is a highway of information. Thanks to it, the world today has forever changed. The Internet has created a significant impact in the world though it has been around to most people just for about 20years. Today, we have access to more information than ever before and being able to see and do things that could have been impossible at first. Thus, imagining a world without internet will be difficult as it contains and always provides information about any topic at any needed time. Although some of its contents require payment, there are many sites like Scribd that offer free important documents and books which contain a lot of useful materials/contents.

Created in March 2007 and headquarters in San Francisco California, Scribd is a new digital library that is made up of all type of written documents which permits people to search and publish documents online. As at now, it is the world’s most extensive digital library. This website has rapidly been projected into one of the world’s top site and it’s among the top 300 websites searched on the internet. On it open publishing platform, it hosts about 60 million documents allowing it with over 80 million individual visitors every month looking for information on interesting topics. It offers its users with original contents. Some of these documents include; books, articles, reports, and PowerPoint presentations which are converted into the ipaper platform developed by Scribd itself. With this platform (ipaper), everyone with a computer or Mac will be able to implant and download content from their website with ease and also allow its members to publish information in a manner that anyone can read and understand.

Working on Scribd isn’t complicated and browsing through is easy. Thus, writers whether old or new publish and sell their books or documents allowing readers to have access to appropriate information. From favorite platforms such as iOS, Android, windows, and blackberry, Scribd readers can read and view all type of documents by subscription. It services are paid for, and it gives a 30 days trial. Although it is impossible to access and download documents for free on Scribd, it has some gaps in its database that permits documents, books, and other files to be downloaded for free.

Ways to download documents for free without Scribd downloader

Having a free membership on Scribd limits you to a particular number of documents/books in its database. Due to some loopholes in its databases, users can view and download documents with a larger number without subscribing to any plan (freely). With the simple steps below, you will need not to pay Scribd to have access to its documents. Three techniques can be used to download for free with the second technique being the best and easiest way.

1.     First technique: the uploading technique

Step1: First things first, get to

Free Scribd downloader


Step2: If you have an account, you then log in directly or use the option to log in with Facebook. If you do not have an account, sign up for one. If you are not a monthly subscriber, they will ask for subscription immediately you signed up. All you need to do is to skip that step and get directly to the account you have.

scribd account


Step3: Quest for the book/document you which to download or view from Scribd for free then, copy the document’s or file’s URL

download scribd books


Step 4: This step comprises uploading of a document (any type). For example, make a different text document and write whatever on the document you’ve just created then, upload it.

Step 5: If you want to, you can give titles and descriptions to the uploaded document. Continue after you have saved it.

Step 6: Remember the previous step (step 2) you saved the document’s URL. Paste it into the address bar and proceed for downloading the document.

Step 7: There will be a visible downloading button. Click the button, and the document will start downloading.

Without paying a dime, you can view and download any document you desire by just following the simple and easy steps above. All needed is to create or sign in to your Scribd account and upload a document and then download it. By doing so, you will notice that the needed file will easily download. Hope the above technique will guide you in the best of ways to view and download any document for free on Scribd. If you have some difficulties achieving what you want with this, check out the 2nd technique.

NB: No Scribd downloader is used here. Therefore, these steps will work only for documents with no downloading options.  You can then download by merely uploading.

2.     Second technique: The use of GreaseMonkey Script to have documents directly

This is a different way you can access Scribd document for free. This method is exceptional and remarkable because you are not required to create a new account or make use of your Facebook to login in to your Scribd account or even pay for a membership before viewing or downloading Scribd documents. The base of this technique is a GreaseMonkey Script. All you will have to need is a web browser the Mozilla Firefox browser installed on your Mac or personal computer. If you do not have it yet, all you need to do is simply download and install it for free. After that is done, carefully follow the steps below and you will be able to view and download unlimited Scribd documents and even have access to Scribd protected files.

Step 1: Download and install Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC or Mac as mentioned above.

Step 2: Add to the downloaded browser the Add-on of GreaseMonkey.

Step 3: On the GreaseMonkey extension, click on New user script. Click on New user script, copy the script below and paste into your script. If you have some difficulties doing that, you can Google “how to add script to GreaseMonkey”.

Download Scribd document with GreaseMonkey

**Copy the script below and paste into your script**

// ==UserScript==
// @name    Scribd downloader
// @author  Witiko
// @version 1.0.9
// @include http://**
// @include https://**
// ==/UserScript==

(function(href) { // Future-proof code for unknown layouts
  var a     = el("a"),
      arrow = el("span"),
      span  = arrow.cloneNode(false);
  a.href = href; = "#fff"; = "#3fc3f6"; = "Athelas, serif";
  with( {
    textShadow = "#000 0px 0px 2px";
    color = "#aaa";
    fontSize = "smaller";
    position = "absolute";
    top = "0.5em";
    left = "0.5em";
  }; document.body.appendChild(append(
    span, txt("("), append(
      a, append(
        arrow, txt("â–¼")
      ), txt("Direct Download")
    ), txt(" )")
})(location.href.replace(/^.*?(\d+).*$/, "$1?extension=pdf&source=mobile_download"));

function el(name) {
  return document.createElement(name);
} function txt(text) {
  return document.createTextNode(text);
} function append(parent) {
  var i = 0, j, l = (j = arguments).length - 1;
  while(i  !==  l) parent.appendChild(j[++i]); return parent;
 After doing that it will be the screenshot guide below.
GreaseMonkey downloader script

Step 4: After the above steps are completed, go to the document/ file you need and click download. Automatically, the Scribd payment page will be bypassed and download your file/document will be the given option. Thus, you will be able to view and download your document for free.

If the two above method is difficult or won’t work for you, try out the 3rd method which happens to be the best and easiest technique.

3.     Third technique: The Easiest method to view and download documents freely from Scribd

This is an alternate way to download needed documents from Scribd. The first and second techniques might seem quite big and a little complicated. This next method will therefore allow you to download books, documents, and required files for free and with ease.

Step 1: Open then you search and open the document you need

Step 2: On any part of the page, right click and view the source of the page

Step 3: You then look for access_key. Press Ctrl+F and this permits you to identify the key easily. Once it has been identified, you copy it wherever.

Step 4: Using a free Scribd downloader, get the id of the document you need to download.

Step 5: You then replace the access_key and id of the document as shown “” in the below URL and open it in another browser window after some changes have been made.

Step 6: The document will load and once it has loaded completely, click on print and save the document in a PDF format.

Step 7: The file, book, and document will download to your personal computer or Mac as a PDF document.

This technique is another way you can use to download paid documents for free on Scribd which works as an online Scribd downloader. You can, therefore, download any document you desire without having to subscribe to a plan.

These are the three easiest and best methods you can use to download any document or book from Scribd for free or without subscribing to a plan. You can stop your friends and yourself from spending money on purchasing a digital book by downloading them from Scribd for free via the above-mentioned techniques.

How you can read free book from Scribd with our website

Getting and downloading books from Scribd is possible for free when you follow the steps mentioned above. However, if you feel lazy because the above techniques are complicated, lengthy, and time consuming for you, you can equally access Scribd’s books for free via our website. Following the simple steps below, you will quickly have access to free books, documents, and files.

Step 1: You will have to fill in your information correctly on the form you see below. This will include; your name, your email. Using the above-given information, we will send you a link to our private page. This page will contain a Scribd premium account that you can use to access Scribd and read or download its full contents for free.

Content of information form you will need to fill your name and your email address.

Step 2: After the above step is completed, you click on the submit button.

Step 3: A link will be sent to your email, and a click on it will take you to our private page. This will permit you to be able to view and download books from Scribd for free.

Thus, following the above steps, you can read Scribd’s books and documents for free by using our websites.

With Scribd, you can easily choose your favorite type of books from business, fiction, non-fiction, and others related to any other aspect. This digital library has become very useful and beneficial to both readers and publishers. There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy if you choose to subscribe to a paid plan. Some these include;

  • For every monthly subscription, you will be able to read and enjoy three books including an audiobook of your choice.
  • To all sheet music and documents available in the library, you will get free excesses.
  • You can store and save interesting titles for offline which can be read per time and when needed.
  • It lets you pick up discoveries depending on your editors and personalized choice.
  • Allows you to sync your files on your tablet, mobile phones, and other devices.
  • Its system allows you to unsubscribe or if you need to renew your membership, you won’t stress as it is renewed automatically.
  • It is very satisfactory when it comes to bulk downloading.

You shouldn’t worry about not being able to pay to get books from Scribd because; you can have access to document and books for free by using our site. To be able to do so, you need to give your required info and you will be good to go. The above described techniques for free download will equally be of great assistance.

Scribd is the best when it comes to viewing and downloading books, documents, and many other related items.


Reading gives great pleasure especially to all those who get the right book or content they are concerned about or loves. This practice has become a hobby or habit to many lovers of books. In our present days, many people do make use of the internet which is the most widely and commonly used tool to look for information which can be eased with the use of directories and search engines. With this great technology, we can have access to all the books or information we need no matter where we are found in the world where there is access to the internet. Many websites on the internet give a lot of books and information. These allow anybody to download as much as he/she wants for free. One of the most popular sites is the Scribd which is a new digital library that provides a variety of documents that can satisfy everyone at any time. On this site, you can view and download a document from any category for free by simply inputting the subject matter of what you want to search.

There are a lot of great facilities which many people are unaware of and waste most of their energy, money, and time in bookstores, libraries, and shopping malls to look for printed books. Huge sums of money are spent by many people to seek for information and to look for books. To avoid the wastage of time, money, and effort on searching books in bookstores or market, you can visit Scribd and search the category you desire. The good news is, you can do it for free.

With the above techniques, you now have the knowledge to view and download documents from Scribd for free in a most uncomplicated and easy manner. Thus, save you time, money, and effort in trying to get books paid site or bookstore by trying one of the above technique you feel comfortable with, or you can just visit our websites and follow the mentioned steps.

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